Clouds Of Colour | Bec Brown

Bec Brown from Clouds of Colour

After almost 4 years of full time work as a Graphic Designer, Bec finally took the plunge to focus full-time on her art, design & Clouds of Colour.

It paid off - the journey has, and is continuing to be, the most rewarding & exciting adventure.

There is a world of inspiration out there and by staying true to yourself, ideas will always flow. How I get my inspiration dose: travel, nature, wildflowers, summer sunlight, photography, old book stores & vintage shops.

Sometimes I can go for weeks without painting, I have found it is so important not to push myself at these times. It feels like my creative bottle is filling up with inspiration – I just have to wait for the right moment to unscrew the lid and let it all burst out on to paper! With my larger works, they feel like ‘healing’ pieces – that I am channeling something higher through on to paper – for the perfect person to own.